Copier Bevelmachines BV


Welcome to our company. Enjoy your visit! Please do not hesitate to ask if you have a question. 
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We are specialized in designing and manufacturing machinery for metal pipe finishing, like pipe bevelling machines, pipe cut- and bevelling machines, orbital cutting machines, roll grooving machines and bending machines.

Besides our standard machine portfolio we also offer custom made solutions. We have a lot of knowledge and technological experience. 
We can help you with complete automated production lines for beveling, roll grooving or pipe cutting and sawing.
There are several options to automate the machine for example with IPC or CNC controlled systems.

In 1997 we started with manufacturing pipe bevelling machinery in Giessen, we work with qualified engineers who design and built the machinery.

One of the main advantages of our company is that we could assist in several pipe end preparing issues you are facing. Our main focus is on machinery for pipe cutting and pipe bevelling. Besides that we offer tube bending machines and MIG pipe welding machines. 
We are capable to serve you worldwide with installation and maintaining of your machines.